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Grow your business by learning why users convert, engage, and retain

Automating accurate personalisation at scale can be hard to do across internal teams, data streams, and interaction channels. That’s where we come in.

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Its not enough to gather an audience, you need to understand them

Discover the person behind your data using our unique AI Segmentation that sheds insight into your customers. Find out what’s most important to each customer, build more effective targeted campaigns, and generate better results.


increase in sales when using personalised experiences.increase in revenue when using Segmented campaigns of customers want to purchase from brands that care about them.

Discover, engage & retain your customers from acquisition to retention

With Personar, you can make sense of your customer data and use it to deliver targeted experiences utilising data science, technology and Behavioural heuristics to decode customer intent to provide a hyper-personalised customer journey.

Convert browsers into buyers

It’s not enough to say the same thing to everyone. 72% of consumers now only engage with personalised marketing messages. Personar makes it easier to cater to each of your customers at scale. Optimise your customer experience and drive engagement by analysing behaviour and finding areas for experimentation.

Customer data platform (CDP)

Personar’s customer data platform unifies all sources of shopper data, making it easy for marketers to personalise the customer journey.


No more data silos

All your customer data, neatly organised in one place and updated in realtime.

Behavioural Segmentation

Identify the most granular audience segments based on actions, inactions and user properties.

Foundation for AI-powered marketing

Unified, comprehensive customer data is essential for accurately predicting customer tastes and behaviours.

Psychographic Segmentation

Stay relevant by reaching users based on their interests to optimize campaigns with the right context.

Real-time data

Syncing all interaction and transactional data in real-time for the best possible customer experience.

Live User Segmentation

Monitor user actions as they happen to trigger timely communications that assist users in key moments.

Customer intelligence

Create personalised experiences at scale with AI-powered customer insights that can be directly actioned in your campaigns.

Tech Discovery

Predictive segmentation

Segment your shoppers based on attributes, actions or predicted future behaviour.


The autonomy to easily put customer data to action in campaigns without needing technical expertise.

Attribute affinity

Identify customers that are most likely to be interested in specific categories or attributes.

Identity resolution

Identifying customers across any device that they use to browse and buy from your store.

Campaign optimisation

Optimise your campaigns for the best results – from send time to split testing.

Data cleansing

Cleansing your database, identifying duplicate accounts and combining them into a single customer profile.

Easily integrate any tool your team needs for analytics, growth, marketing, and more

Connections is your central hub to capture every customer-facing interaction with your business, whether digital or offline. Power all of your tools with good data — your own first-party data.

Activate audiences in 300+ marketing tools, in realtime.

Dynamic A/B Testing

Channel Engagement

Realtime Analytics

Email Marketing

Marketing Automation

SMS & Push Notifications

Single view of the customer

Consumers will gravitate towards companies that reflect their behaviour back to them in an engaging and relevant way. Unify your customer’s touchpoints across all platforms and channels.

Purchase history
Marketing interactions
Browse behaviour

In-store/offline activity


Personar offers marketers detailed reporting into key customer-focused KPIs


Integrates with the technology you’re already using

Intelligently personalise every touchpoint across the customer journey. Personar seamlessly connects with your existing technology with out-of-the-box integrations. You’ll be fully up-and-running with minimum hassle and in record time.