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Real-Time Customer Insights that Drive Growth

We develop a real-time personalisation solution using proprietary techniques, that leverages your existing technology stack to help you collect, analyse, process, and act on customer insights in seconds.

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See Everything that Matters in One View

Discover the person behind your data using our unique AI-driven Segmentation that sheds insight on every customer. Find out what’s most important to each customer, see the signals through the noise and build more effective campaign engagements, generate better results and deliver amazing results.

Customer intelligence

Deliver actionalable and meaningful insights about your customer’s needs and intent. The majority of today’s consumers are more likely to engage with brands who personalise their experience.

Tech Discovery

Campaign optimisation

Optimise your campaigns for the best results – from send time to split testing.

Data cleansing

Cleansing your database, identifying duplicate accounts and combining them into a single customer profile.

Predictive segmentation

Segment your shoppers based on attributes, actions or predicted future behaviour.


The autonomy to easily put customer data to action in campaigns without needing technical expertise.

Attribute affinity

Identify customers that are most likely to be interested in specific categories or attributes.

Identity resolution

Identifying customers across any device that they use to browse and buy from your store.

Insights that Boost User Engagement

With Personar, you can make sense of your customer data and use it to deliver personal experiences throughout your customer journey.


Personar offers marketers detailed reporting into key customer-focused KPIs

Cohort analysis
Order reports
Segment analytics
Engagement metrics
Customer lifetime metrics