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All the Tools Needed to Drive Long-Term Growth

Personar combines real-time customer insights, an advanced segmentation engine, and powerful engagement tools into one intelligent marketing platform.

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Customer Data Platform

Understand how customers interact with your brand across platforms and build marketing strategies that enrich the customer experience.

Rich User Profiles

Get a centralized, real-time view of users by unifying data from online and offline channels.

Customer Data Unification

Break down data silos to gain a unified picture of customer data and glean unlimited insights.

Export/Import Data API’s

Access user and event data to and from external systems to analyze and trigger user campaigns.

.CSV Downloads

Get daily campaign CSV reports delivered right into your inbox.

Automated Segmentation

Forget manual segmentation, our AI automatically segments users based on recency, frequency, user intent and user preferences for effective targeting.

Behavioral Segmentation

Identify the most granular audience segments based on actions, inactions and user properties.

Live User Segmentation

Monitor user actions as they happen to trigger timely communications that assist users in key moments.

Psychographic Segmentation

Stay relevant by reaching users based on their interests to optimize campaigns with the right context.

RFM Segmentation

Reinvent user segmentation to automatically identify champions, loyal users, at-risk users and more.

Audience Analytics

Who are your users? Where are they? When do they drop off? Tools like Flows, Cohort Analysis, Uninstall Tracking, and Funnels help you better understand users.


Track user flows and drop off points in your app with funnel analysis.


Compare how different user groups behave over time in onboarding, registration, purchasing, and uninstalling.

Customer Behavior Analytics

Use real-time insights to validate hypotheses and create data-driven marketing strategies.


Visualize how users navigate your app to identify critical paths to conversion and opportunities for improvement.


Spot key data insights by visualizing hot spots and trends without needing a team of data scientists.

Real Impact

Tie marketing dollars spent to dollars earned and align marketing efforts to larger business goals.

Custom Dashboards

Bring together critical business metrics in one place to collaborate seamlessly across teams.

Omnichannel Engagement

We are the only solution that lets you orchestrate campaigns across 12 channels, including: push notifications, in-app messages and email.

Push Notifications

Send personalized, timely messages to be delivered directly to a user’s mobile device.

In-App Messages

Send relevant in-app notifications based on a user’s identity and behavior.

SMS / Text

Deliver time-sensitive information to users with personalized text messages.

Mobile App Inbox

Deliver rich, persistent messages right inside the app without being intrusive.


Engage users outside your application with targeted email messages.

Browser Web Push

Reach users right in their web browser even when they aren’t on your website.

Desktop & Mobile Web Pop-ups

Send quick alerts and contextual offers with rich media web popups on desktop and mobile websites.


Easily integrate with external systems to trigger relevant messages based on user actions in real-time.


Data Privacy and Security

Get enterprise-grade security you can trust for complete privacy, compliance, risk management, and scalability.

GDPR Compliance

Accelerate your path to GDPR readiness to support your users’ data privacy needs.

Data Privacy

Enjoy a scalable system with advanced user authentication & privacy control to protect your data.

Data Retention Policy

Store and update user profiles and event data including system and custom properties.

Role Based Access

Experience a smarter authorization system built to seamlessly manage user access across teams of any size.